The Conestoga River is one of Lancaster County’s most scenic waterways. The river flows for over 60 miles, joining the Susquehanna River below the Safe Harbor dam. The official Water Trail flows from Brownstown, Sylvan B. Fisher Park, below 772, to Safe Harbor. All 32 miles of the Water Trail are popular for canoeing, kayaking, tubing, and fishing. 

Access Points

There are currently 15 officially recognized access points on the Water Trail in varying states of accessibility and usage. 

Water Trail Hazards

The Water Trail is home to 3 dams. Click below to find out more about the dams and other hazards on the river and how you can safely navigate around them.

Current River Levels

Safety is priority so always check the river gauge before heading out.  Average for the Conestoga River is around 3.5′ with a flow rate around 450 cfs.